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AQUA-CAD software for real time metrology:

The AQUA-METRE R300 or R3000 may be integrated by final users in their application environment, PLSM also offers the AQUA-CAD software which manage the AQUA-METRE R300/3000 using a graphical user interface (GUI) and moreover allows direct real time interface with a CAD software (Intellicad family, fully .dxf and .dwg compatible).

Using the AQUA-METRE R300/R3000 plus AQUA-CAD give access to an easy to operate real time underwater metrology solution.

AQUA-CAD software manages the following tasks:

– Communication Master (CM) set up through a serial COM port,

– Wake up and initialisation of all stand-alone underwater units,

– Real time driver to Intellicad family of CAD solutions (dxf and dwg compatible),

– Translation of acoustic coordinate system to final CAD cartographic coordinates,

- Video overlay driver (when using the PC USB interface),

– RS485/232 ROV optional link driver (when using the PC USB interface),

– Simulation mode for training,

- Configuration file for fast set up,

– Log file for replay mode or raw data post processing.

CAD window during real time metrology (dam survey)