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Aqua-Mètre D100

AQUA-METRE D100 (diver operated down to 100 metres):

The AQUA-METRE D100 is a local underwater positioning system based on an acoustical interferometric scheme (mainly known as Ultra Short Base Line or USBL).

It is particularly well suited to accurate local 3D locating within a range of up to 150 metres from the reference point. This is a user friendly, full stand-alone system, free of bottom to surface cables and can be operated by a single unspecialised diver without hard training.

Measurement set up and retrieve are performed using standard PC based software and an infrared data link, DXF file format output allows direct link to CAD tools.

Self-calibration during power-up allows water celerity measurement (without any operator intervention).

System Description:

AQUA-METRE D100 is made of two main components :

The measurement Base, which constitutes the reference Cartesian coordinate system {0,0,0}), at the top of a 2 metres (6 feet) mast. This mast remains underwater during the whole measurement operation.

A light portable Pointer, which includes a small keyboard and LCD display panel, allows the diver to measure positions and save them in the back-up memory.

One Base can work with up to 8 Pointers simultaneously. Each pointer can be fitted with a rod that allows measurement offset from sea bottom (the rod length and orientation are compensated automatically using internal inclinometers and compass).

On return to the surface, the pointer is downloaded via a standard PC computer station equipped with infrared serial data link and batteries can be charged using universal plug adapter (infrared adapter module and batteries charger are included in the basic package). The software that manages dive preparation and data retrieval up to dxf file production is part of basic AQUA-METRE D100 package (no extra cost).

AQUA-METRE D100 dual diver configuration

Graphical Pointer for Underwater Mapping:

PLSM offers a new Pointer for diver that includes a graphic LCD (quarter VGA type) and a new easy to use keyboard type.

An articulation allows different display positions (90° orientation free) in order to give flexibility to diver position. The rod interface is fully compatible with previous Pointer.

This new Pointer exhibits new capability due to this new display like mapping with top view, and also very accurate dual axis digital inclinometers and 3D compassing functions.

These functions are accessible by simply pressing one button.

Pierre DESCAMP, Andromède Environment

AQUA-METRE D100 Applications:

Seaweed Mapping

Underwater Archaeology