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Aqua-Mètre D100-NG

AQUA-METRE D100-NG (cartography by diver):

Dedicated to diver’s operated applications, the AQUA-METRE D100-NG is a local underwater positioning system based on an acoustical interferometric scheme (mainly known as Ultra Short Base Line or USBL).

It is particularly well suited to accurate local 3D cartography within a range of up to 250 metres from the reference point. This is a user friendly, easy set up system, free of bottom to surface cable and can be operated by a single unspecialised diver without long training.

System Description:

The measurement Base (an AQUA-METRE R300-NG unit) constitutes the reference Cartesian coordinate system {0,0,0}), it is mounted at the top of a typically 2 metres (6 feet) pole.

A light portable Pointer (a MiniPointer R300-NG) interfaced to an underwater tablet (AllTab 2.0 android tablet from Valtamer company, Finland), allows the diver to measure positions and save them in the tablet memory.

One Base can work with several Pointers simultaneously. Each pointer can be fitted with a rod that allows measurement offset from sea bottom (the rod length and orientation are compensated automatically using internal inclinometers and compass).

Back to the surface, the measurement are downloaded to the final user application for processing.

Among applications:

- seaweed mapping,

- underwater archaeology,

Photos © Andromède Océanologie

      Minipointer R300-NG and                                AQUA-METRE R300-NG Base unit AllTab 2.0 underwater Android Tablet