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Aqua-Mètre R300

AQUA-METRE R300 (ROV operated down to 300 metres):

The AQUA-METRE R300 is a local underwater positioning system based on an acoustical interferometric scheme (mainly known as Ultra Short Base Line or USBL).

It is particularly well suited to accurate local 3D locating within the range of up to 150 metres (500 feet) from the reference point.

The system may be ROV operated and managed from the surface using acoustical networking features.

The simplest AQUA-METRE system configuration able to measure 3D coordinates underwater is made of at least two main components :

– The measurement Base, which constitutes the local reference Cartesian coordinate system {0,0,0}),

– At least one Pointer which replies to Base interrogations.

 AQUA METRE R300 pointer and base

Basically, the system is intended for 3D measurement of Pointer(s) location in the local coordinate system(s) defined by the Base(s).

The AQUA-METRE R300 allows a very flexible system configuration made of several stand alone units (a unit is a Base or a Pointer), all units communicate using acoustic network, one unit allows underwater system management from surface through a serial data-link (RS232 compatible). This specific unit, that can be any Base or Pointer, is called the Communication Master.

Thus, with only one unit, lets say a Pointer, it is possible to monitor heading and inclination of an underwater ROV or structure for instance (in case of construction). More sophisticated configuration will require two Bases and two Pointers like a full pipe connection metrology. The configurations are not limited and may be adapted to specific needs (contact PLSM engineers to get advice about the best configuration suited for your needs).

A typical ROV operated configuration could be as follow :

All units include dual axis inclinometer and fluxgate compass. Each Base can locate every Pointer or another Base (specific feature of AQUA-METRE R300 : a Base can act as a Pointer then be interrogated).

It is then possible to manage the system from the surface and get measurement (3D location, inclination, heading, temperature…) of every underwater unit using a simple communication terminal.

PLSM also offers the AQUA-CAD software that allows system management through a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) and real-time interface to popular CAD software in order to get the best environment for real time metrology class survey.

AQUA-METRE R300 ROV operated configuration (CM through ROV umbilical)

Aqua-Metre R300 Applications:

Dam Survey by ROV

Break Water Survey

Shallow water offshore metrology (for deep water applications, please visit l’AQUA-METRE R3000  pages

Underwater archaeology by ROV down to 300 metres

Hull inspections

Pipe survey

Submerged buildings (bridge, pier,…)

ROV tracking/positioning,

AQUA-METRE R300 accessories:

Radio Modem Buoy

USB PC interface


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