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Aqua-Mètre R300

AQUA-METRE R300-NG (operational down to 300m)

The AQUA-METRE R300-NG is a light, accurate and versatile USBL sensor with a range of 250m and operational down to 300m.

An AQUA-METRE configuration includes at least one Base and one Pointer (MiniPointer R300-NG well suited to survey ROV), more than 30 units may be operated simultaneously (Bases & Pointers).

At least one unit must be connected to the survey PC, the other unit being addressed by acoustic network.

The Base unit measures the 3D coordinates of Pointer(s).

 AQUA METRE R300-NG Base unit

RTKDuo buoy:

Since 2016, PLSM offers the RTKDuo buoy that outputs georeferenced measurements directly ($GPGGA of Pointers location)

 MiniPointer  R300-NG

The MiniPointer R300-NG may be used with a dual hydrophone in order to measure the underwater heading of ROV or loads. It also includes an accurate pressure gauge (0.05% of full scale) to allow precise depth measurements.