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This is the primarily application of the AQUA-METRE D100 where the system as no equivalent today.

The easy to set up and use, as well as the fully autonomous configuration, make AQUA-METRE D100 a time saver compare to old taut tape method, as well as getting the benefit of real 3D measurements.

The AQUA-METRE D100 may be used for wooden frame wreck survey as well as artefacts location.

Application to Archaeology:

Following measurements have been taken on the XVIIIth century wreck named " Epave aux Ardoises " (slate wreck), located west of France near the Gulf of Morbihan (Brittany). This was a relatively small ship (about 15 meters long) carrying a large amount of slates that led it to sink rapidly in a flat attitude and shallow water (10 meters).

The measurements were concentrated on the front half part of the ship, which had been made free of any slate. The main goal was to measure the 3D shape of the wooden frame.

Only one diver was necessary to operate the system during this operation, about two hundred point were measured along two successive dives of 45 and 30 minutes respectively (including system set up). Back to the surface, the points were transferred from the pointer to a PC computer, the measurement were processed using a CAD software (dxf file exchange format) in order to built the 3D shapes and volumes from the measured points.

3D view of the wooden frame

Transversal cuts

This measurement campaign using AQUA-METRE D100 underwater positioning system has provided a 3D model of the wreck achieving the required accuracy of +/-2 cm due to the relatively low distance range of this site (the accuracy is proportional to the distance).

The total underwater measurement lasted only 75 minutes, replacing the ordinary underwater long (and wet!) drawing task by a simple (dry and hot...) CAD software utilization.

The measurement also provided the pitch and roll of the wreck, thanks to the horizontal gravity referenced measurement scheme of the system.