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Bouée Radio-modem

AQUA-METRE R300, optional Radio-Modem Buoy:

The surface radio-modem buoy is intended where distance from host PC and CM unit may not be set up using a direct cable, this may be due to excessive distance (typically greater than 100 metres) or by difficult site configuration.

In this case a radio modem link may be set up between a surface buoy (itself connect to the CM through an underwater cable) and the Surface Interface previously described.

The distance between the surface buoy and the Surface interface antenna may be as far as 3 km.

The radio-modem is a licence free UHF type: 868 MHz for European applications, 915 MHz type for USA, Canada and Australia, the peak output power is limited to 500 mW.

An internal battery pack allows to work with a Base unit for a full week (10 hours per day, sleeping mode activated during the night).

The Surface Buoy can be linked to the CM unit using the basic 10 metres underwater cable provided by PLSM.

PLSM can also provide Male-Female cable extension up to 100 metres.

Configuration when using the radio-modem link