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Inspection brises lames

Break Water Survey:

Breakwater and survey cabin

Armoured breakwaters are intended to protect seashore installation (arbour, oil terminal…) against waves, they are generally covered by concrete blocs with different sizes and shapes.

Some bloc type allows ‘single layer” configuration which reduce the total concrete volume necessary to build the breakwater, but required a precise placement during construction.


AQUA-METRE R300 breakaway survey configuration:

Diver pointing an ACCROPODE

The AQUA-METRE R300 is used to survey the breakwater bloc’s positions with diver. The Base is placed on the seabed at about 10 metres from the breakwater foot on top of a small mast, it is linked using a surface radio-modem buoy or simply by direct cable to the survey cabin.

AQUA-METRE R300 base on top of the mast

Acoustic to cartographic coordinate system transformation:

The transformation from local acoustic to absolute cartographic coordinate system is defined by measuring the acoustic coordinates of two reference points named pivot and lever, the absolute coordinates of these two reference points being measured at 2/3 metres depth using a total station from the pier.

Then, the calibration just consists of directing the diver to the reference points and to pick the position in the Autocad drawing and wait for acoustic measurement completion.

The calibration lasts about 15 minutes and is valid until the next Base translation.

Intellicad screenshot

The diver holds the Pointer and is able to speak to the survey cabin, his work consists of swimming from bloc to bloc and pointing the bloc centre with the Pointer and waiting for measurement completion, which is managed from the survey cabin.

The AQUA-METRE is operated using AQUA-CAD and Intellicad softwares, then working directly with the breakwater drawing/map.