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MiniPointer R300 for survey class ROV:

The Mini-Pointer R300, part of the AQUA-METRE R300 family, is a versatile version that may be used on light ROV, divers or large offshore underwater structures. It is a lightweight replacement of previous Pointer version like ROV Pointer and Basic AQUA-METRE R300 Pointer.

Like other Pointers, it can work on batteries or being powered by external supply (12 to 30 VDC) and offers a serial link interface (RS232).

Moreover, two pins of the interface connector are dedicated to general purpose Input/Output that are opto-isolated and may be read and set by acoustic commands.

The hydrophone connector has two hydrophones inputs; one main hydrophone and an auxiliary hydrophone that may be used for dual capture in order to give acoustic heading for instance

Like other Pointers, the MiniPointer also includes a digital compass and a dual axis inclinometer. It may be fitted optionally with a high accuracy 10 or 30 bars pressure sensor (+/-0.05% FS).

The housing is made of high mechanical strength PEEK type of polymer, this also procure high immunity to direct sunlight (UV resistant) and full corrosion free.

Mini-Pointeur R300 (hydrophone not connected)


Single hydrophone mode:

This is the basic mode of operation; in this mode the MiniPointer is fully compatible with other Pointers. The main housing may be attached inside the ROV frame to offer a maximum chock protection.

The hydrophone may be attached directly to the MiniPointer housing (see picture on the right) or offset by up to 5 meters from the housing. In case of hydrophone damage, it can be fixed by using a spare within few minutes, thanks to the wet pluggable hydrophone connector.

Dual hydrophone mode:

This mode allows measuring the location of two separated hydrophones on a single structure (ROV or large offshore steel structure for instance), this dual measurement gives access to the orientation (heading). This may be helpful when working near large steel structures that may affect magnetic compass measurements.