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RTKDuo - Instrumented buoy for direct accurate subsea georeferenced positioning

RTKDuo buoy description  (pdf document)

The new RTKDuo instrumented buoy associated with the AQUA-METRE R300NG USBL offers a very accurate, light and hassle-free way to provide underwater georeferenced position. The instrumented buoy includes: a dual antenna GNSS RTK Receiver (to measure the position and heading of the buoy), a mem’s motion reference unit to measure the pitch and roll and filter the noisy GNSS heading, a radio-modem (ISM band, 868 or 915MHz) to manage the buoy from  the survey PC. The internal buoy processor synchronises all sensor, including the AQUA-METRE R300-NG USBL in order to deliver geographic position of underwater transponder like the MiniPointer R300-NG (directly outputing $GGA NMEA messages).

The AQUA-CAD software, when associated with the RTKDuo buoy, offers the usual cartographic projections like UTM.

RTKDuo Buoy

New Dual-Rover Configuration available:

(Check documentation)