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 PLSM is a small business, creative and responsive company, created in late 1999 following the development of an innovative solution for underwater archaeology mapping : the AQUA-METRE D100.

 Since 1999, PLSM has extend applications range by introducing new AQUA-METRE derivatives, the AQUA-METRE R300 and R3000 particularly, addressing a broad range of applications like dam survey, shallow and deep offshore metrology, seaweed mapping,…

PLSM now offers a full range of products and services along these applications.

PLSM manage the whole design of its equipments including :

•Underwater acoustic design (hydrophones, receivers,…),

•mechanical design (from shallow water to deep ocean housing),

•electronic design (analog and digital circuits),

•embedded software (digital signal processing),

•application software (CAD drivers).

To achieve that, PLSM use several tools and facilities, among them :

•water test tank with acoustic radiation diagram measurement unit,

•pressure test tank (up to 10 bars),

•electronic lab with small production facilities for prototyping,

•embedded software development tools (C/C++),

•CAD software (Autocad) with A0 plotter.


PLSM premises are located 20 Km south-west of Paris, FRANCE


2-4 rue Jean-Baptiste HUET

BP 18

78354 Jouy en Josas CEDEX


Phone:  (+33) 9 7244 7216

All these skills are dedicated to accurate 3D underwater metrology.